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How To Get A Mail Order Bride: Get Your Wife Today

A chance to spend your whole life with a special person can be real. You only need to know how to get a mail order bride. While the modern world has become an arena for people who are more interested in their careers but not life partners, it can be hard to decide to get married, but there’s a solution for you.

How To Get A Mail Order Bride: Get Your Wife Today
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Advertiser Disclosure

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How To Get A Mail Order Bride: How Easy Is It To Get A Mail Order Bride?

The increasing popularity of mail order brides has paved the way for many dating agencies that offer a wide range of ladies ready to dedicate themselves to you. So, are you ready for this? If yes, then get to know 10 basic steps on how to get a legitimate mail order bride in 2024 to create a good future.

10 steps of how to get a mail order bride

More and more, men opt for getting married to mail order brides. It’s easy, convenient, and exciting. What’s more, Western men are given a chance to find a person who can be their ideal soulmate. According to worldwide trends, men from countries like the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK are interested in getting married to mail order brides.

But what about popular mail order wives? Where are they from? Mainly, mail order brides represent countries like the Philippines, Russia, Latin American, China, India, and Ukraine. As you see, there’s no limit on where you can find your ideal wife, be it from popular places or exotic locations. If interested, look at the following steps to get a mail order bride.

1. Pick an ideal match

Your first thing to consider is what type of person you can be interested in. Here are the main things you can consider when thinking of your ideal wife:

  • Considering physical features.  While Asian women are slender and slim, many ladies from Latin America are curvy. If you’re interested in tall ladies, why not have a look at the map of European countries? The first thing is about your preferences in terms of the physical features of your future wife.
  • Considering social background. Some men can be interested in finding ladies with more traditional values. Actually, the appealing side of many mail order wives is that they’re more submissive than their Western counterparts. Still, some men are interested in getting married to more modern ladies.
  • Considering linguistic challenges. Some men may want to find a wife who can speak English so that they won’t have any problems communicating with each other. So, this is another important aspect to consider.

Don’t forget that you should know who can be ideal for you, so you can take your time and find out some interesting things about different nationalities.

awesome mail bride

2. Pick an ideal mail order bride site

The next step is one of the most critical ones. If you’re interested in finding ideal ladies for marriage, you need to find a good dating site. Here are the main aspects of any dating site that can be worth your attention:

  • User interface. The first thing about the site is its interface. It should be appealing and less complicated. Users should navigate online hassle-free.
  • Variety of profiles. When seeking a chance to meet a woman for marriage, you should be sure that you’ll find the ideal match. Only platforms with a higher range of profiles can ensure the quality for the pickiest men.
  • Profile quality. But it’s not only about the quantity. The quality of profiles is what makes any dating site decent. You should be sure that you won’t be communicating with fake or scam profiles online.
  • Costs. Why overpay for the same services? When picking a dating site, never miss a chance to compare the prices.
  • Professional assistance. Customer support should always be online to assist when needed. There should be easy and fast ways of getting in touch with the support team.  
  • Refund policy. Finally, it’s the refund policy that makes a site quite legitimate. The site should ensure that you’ll get a refund in case unexpected things happen. So, be sure to check about it before using any site.

How to know whether the site is ideal for you and has the aspects mentioned above? You better appeal to reviews that shed light on every aspect of any dating site. With reviews, you can have a chance to find the best mail order brides sites in 2024.

Best European women profiles

Sofia, 33

Sofia, 33

Craiova, Romania


Anne, 24

Anne, 24

Oslo, Norway


Amelia, 28

Amelia, 28

Galway, Ireland


Agnes, 29

Agnes, 29

Stockholm, Sweden


Estela, 28

Estela, 28

Braga, Portugal


Alessia, 27

Alessia, 27

Rome, Italy


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3. Register

Have you picked your ideal dating site? If yes, you should spend some time getting registered before you start looking for an ideal match online. Here are things you need to do online:

  • Create an informative profile. No empty account will do you a favour. Be sure to fill out the required fields and try to describe yourself. To have an appealing account, list your interests, hobbies, and other relevant information.
  • Be creative. You can create a creative About Me section where some cool quotes can help. Be as creative as possible, as this might help you attract the most charming mail order brides online.
  • Include photos. Don’t forget to add a photo. This is important as it’ll show your dedication to the dating process.

Once your account is informative enough and has photos, then you can think of finding your match.

4. Look for an ideal match

Looking for an ideal match is quite an easy step. To do so, you can benefit from one of the following ways:

  • Searching tools. On many dating sites, you’ll find some cool searching tools. You set the parameters of a woman who can be interesting to you. The site will yield the search results accordingly.
  • Matchmaking. Or you can benefit from matchmaking algorithms. You’ll spot that the site will offer some profiles for your consideration based on the information you provided and your behaviour online.
  • Random profile browsing. Some men are keen on looking at random profiles, especially online ones. It can be an interesting but time-consuming experience for you.

Finding a person who matches you is a matter of time, and then you’ll have to start your online dating venture, which is online communication.

5. Get in touch with your matches

How to communicate online? You show your interest to the woman online, and if that interest is mutual, let the communication begin. Here are the options you can pick for the online experience:

  • Icebreakers. These are messages used to show interest in ladies, and if they respond, you can simply start communicating.
  • Sending mail. Sending mails with photos and videos is also popular options to initiate communication.
  • Calling options. On some dating platforms, you’ll have a chance to arrange a call with the person you’re interested in. Video calls are among the most popular options.
  • Chatting. Simple text chatting is one of the main ways of communication. You can send stickers and animated gifs alongside photos and videos.
  • Video chatting. This is another common way of communication. You’re given a chance to see the person you’re into.

Ongoing communication is a great experience for you, but what else should you do?

6. Spoiling your lady online

Don’t forget to shower your lady with compliments while dating online. It’ll increase your chances of getting married to her. But that’s not all. Here are some tips on how you can spoil your lady:

  • Spending more communicating time. The more you focus on a single lady, the more you can get attached to each other. Commitment should start only then.
  • Sending virtual gifts. You can spoil your lady with virtual gifts. Mainly, virtual gifts aren’t offered for free.
  • Sending real gifts. But how much does it cost to get a mail order bride if you start sending real gifts and flowers? Definitely more than you can expect, but it’s worth it. Online dating platforms will offer online stores where you can buy gifts and flowers.

While showering your lady with your attention and presents, don’t forget your manners.

7. Show proper manners while online

The first thing about dating online is that you should be sure you want a wife. You need to acknowledge that getting a mail order bride is to get a wife who’ll spend her whole life with you. This means dedication and commitment. Once you’re ready for this, here are simple rules of how you should behave online:

  • Be honest;
  • Don’t be shy or reserved;
  • Be interested in the background of your lady;
  • Spend a great time together;
  • Be clear with your expectations.

Dating online might last longer or shorter than you may want, but at what point can you decide that you should understand whether your lady online is your ideal wife candidate?  Follow to find the answer.

8. Understand whether your partner is your ideal match

After spending time online, you’ll have to shift to offline dating. You might want to meet your lady in person. But when is that appropriate moment? While dating online, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to meet in person?
  • Do you know each other better?
  • Do you understand each other well?

If the answer  is simply yes, then it means that you should start dating offline. The more time you spend together, the more you can assess whether a person is your ideal match. Visiting your lady in her country can be a good way to impress her. What’s more, offline dating can give you higher chances of getting closer to your future partner.

amazing bride

9. Get prepared for the formalities to get married

Meeting your lady in person is just a good start for both. It’s time to consider what you need for marriage. Here are the things you need to know:

  • Preparing docs. You might need to submit the translated copies of the passport and birth certificates of your lady including some additional ones that might be requested by your government.
  • Passing interview. Once you submit the required docs and application form to get a fiancé visa or K-1 visa, you’ll have to pass an interview. You need to prove that you’re interested in getting married to a woman living abroad.
  • Getting a K-1 visa.  Finally, you’ll get the results, and your lady can get her visa so that she can arrive in your country.

Now that everything is ready, why not think about your upcoming marriage?

10. Plan your wedding

This is the final stage of your venture into buying a mail order bride. Now, you should consider how to arrange the wedding and the rest. Here are the things to consider when planning your wedding:

  • Bring your future wife.  Once you agree to get married and everything is arranged, it’s time to invite your lady. You can spend some time together travelling across your country.
  • Arrange a wedding. Before you might want to travel, you should consider your wedding and the relevant stuff. Rush to get married, which is more recommended for international couples.
  • Be careful to register your future wife. In many countries, your wife should register once she’s officially married to you. She’s supposed to do so within 90 days after arriving in your country.

As you might see, it’s not so challenging to get a wife abroad. Just be careful with the dating agencies you’ll be working with.

The final thoughts

How easy is it to get a mail order bride? If you know where and how to look for your future wife, there’s almost nothing challenging at all. With the steps above, you can get your wife for sure. It’s time to look for a decent dating site.

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