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If you have been single for a long time and now want to get back into the romantic game, your search for information on mail order brides ends here, with Broomstickwed!

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About us About us

Who we are

To put it shortly, BroomstickWed is your go-to resource for everything concerning relationships and marriage with foreign women. We are a small but qualified and experienced team of online dating aficionados who have had a lot of personal success in this field and felt like it was time to share our knowledge and expertise with a wider audience.

BroomstickWed is a one-stop-shop resource for Western men who want to marry a foreign girl. You may know exactly what kind of a bride you want to meet, which means you can go straight to browsing the ladies from the desired country. You may also have no idea what kind of foreign woman is right for you. In that case, we have all the information and tools you need to succeed in the sensitive task of charming a foreign lady.

Our team

About Natalie Edwards

BroomstickWed would have never been launched if it wasn’t for the ambitious and hard-working nature of Natalie Edwards, our founder. From a very young age, Natalie Edwards was fascinated with weddings. When it was time to plan her own wedding, she realized that none of the resources was completely suited to her needs. Some of them did not have enough tips and vendors, and others had no flexibility and were only tailored to a specific wedding style.

Natalie did not want to accept the fact that even though there are lots of wedding blogs and services, they only cater to a specific audience of users. But what about people with unconventional tastes or people marrying partners from other countries who want to honor their country’s wedding traditions? This is exactly how BroomstickWed was born.

BroomstickWed started as a site that helped its users plan their dream wedding without any restrictions. Over the years, it developed into a comprehensive dating and wedding service for those who are interested in international dating. However, Natalie could have never done it on her own and there was another person who was instrumental in the development of BroomstickWed.

About Melanie Wynne Waldman

Melanie Wynne Waldman never thought that international online dating could become her true calling in life. After graduating from college, she spent her time working, traveling, and meeting new people. Meeting new people was actually her favorite thing to do while traveling. As a vibrant and outgoing personality, Melanie could strike a conversation with any person in any part of the globe.

Over time, she realized that she’s probably met men and women from most corners of the world. More importantly, she understood their personality, their life goals, and what they wanted to find in a potential partner. Melanie rightfully believed that she couldn’t keep all that knowledge to herself. This is why Melanie became a full-time dating coach.

At first, she mostly helped her friends and clients meet potential partners, communicate with them, and develop relationships from the first meeting to a happy marriage. When it turned out that more people needed her help than she could possibly work with, she made the decision to also become a writer.

Right now, Melanie Wynne Waldman is our head researcher and writer. She constantly researches various types of foreign women, their needs, goals, and expectations, and she brings that information to her readers. Moreover, she knows exactly how to make any relationship work, and she is willing to share those insights with the users who want a break in their years of loneliness.

Why did we choose the name BroomstickWed?

The name BroomstickWed may sound very unusual to a modern reader, as weddings are not really associated with broomsticks. However, if you delve deeper into the history of weddings in the US, you will understand why we picked this name.

Centuries ago, when African American slaves fell in love and decided to get married, they had no legal power to do so. Their weddings were not officially recognized by law and they were largely ignored by their masters. Still, this did not stop the happy couples from celebrating their love in the company of their closest friends and family members.

Instead of signing papers or cutting the wedding cake, those newlyweds created a tradition of holding hands and jumping over a broomstick. They believed that from this moment, they were officially husband and wife. This tradition was preserved in some form in many communities, and it’s exactly what inspired our choice of a website name. We believe it’s a lovely metaphor for overcoming the odds and preserving your love through all the obstacles.

What we do

At the moment, BroomstickWed is a standalone dating service that has one goal: to help Western men and foreign women meet each other and give a strong start to their relationship. Our mission is to connect as many lonely hearts as possible, which is why we are constantly working to improve our service and to give our users even more opportunities for meeting their soulmate.

We launched the current version of BroomstickWed with single Western men in mind. We know from personal experience how hard it can be to meet a woman that ticks every box you have. Things can be especially difficult when you are interested in foreign girls. If you’re a Western man, you have little to no options for meeting a woman from another country for a serious relationship of marriage.

Sure, there are popular dating sites and apps, but there can be a number of problems with them. Some of them are designed only for local dating, and others have a questionable reputation and are best to be avoided. Here at BroomstickWed, we understand that struggle like no one else, and that is exactly why we continue working for you every day. So how do we help you meet your potential soulmate no matter how many miles are between you?

In a nutshell, BroomstickWed is an international dating service. We can help in your quest to find a perfect partner in two important ways:

Profiles of women. We have an endless number of attractive single women from dozens of countries around the world who can’t wait to meet their ideal Western match. These women are absolutely real and you can easily contact them if any of them catches your attention. We have already helped thousands of men find their ideal women for marriage that way and there is nothing stopping you from being our next success story.
Guides to foreign brides. Foreign women for dating and marriage are not created equal. A bride from Ukraine or Belarus can have a completely different personality, set of goals, and expectations from men than brides from Norway, Ireland, or Latin America. Here at BroomstickWed, we have tons of information about all kinds of international brides, from the most popular stereotypes about them to helpful tips on dating them.
So whether you just want to tread the water and see what type of foreign brides is right for you, or you have already found your ideal type of overseas brides and now want to meet your future soulmate, we have everything you need to succeed!

Contact us

We are always happy to hear from our readers — your questions, comments, and requests allow us to get better every day and bring even more relevant and useful information to everyone who visits BroomstickWed. If you want to get in touch, contact us via email at [email protected], pay a visit to our headquarters 114 Main Rd. Montebello, CA 90640, or follow BroomstickWed on social media to get our latest updates and helpful insights.

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