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Russian Brides: The Handbook for Knowing Everything About Russian Women

Russian brides are becoming popular ever since they began breaking the stereotypes about Russian women with their loyalty, respect, tenacity, and unreserved care for their men. But some people are yet to come to terms with how unique these ladies are, which is why this article seeks to uncover the mystery behind Russian ladies and highlight their characteristics.

Russian Brides: The Handbook for Knowing Everything About Russian Women
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Russian Brides: Who Are They?

To understand the Russian mail order bride system, you should know a bit of their history. With the collapse of the USSR, many Russians migrated to the United States. And among these migrants were Russian ladies, who sought better living conditions through marriage. Fast-forward to the present day, many Russian ladies still aspire to marry Western men and migrate with them.


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But don’t be fooled into thinking that these Russian ladies are unattractive or dull because they are proactive about dating and marrying foreigners. On the contrary, Russia is home to some of the most beautiful women on earth. In fact, when men search for Russian women online, they often use keywords like hot and sexy because of what they know these ladies look like.

Perfect Russian Girl

People fancy Russian brides for several reasons. Some men want to experience the magnificence of being in a relationship with exotic ladies like Russian women. But most men are looking for Russian girls to settle with and start a family, which is why you need to understand their wedding traditions and marital expectations.

Russian Wedding Traditions

Every country has peculiar traditions governing its activities, and Russia, with its many wedding rituals, is no exception. To better understand what to expect from a Russian wedding, look at the following traditions:

Paying off a “Ransom”

Many countries, such as India and Nigeria, include dowry payment as a prerequisite for getting married. For Russian brides, ransom payment is a similar tradition. The only difference is that the Russian ransom payment has a playful undertone, unlike the dowry payment traditions in the countries mentioned above.

At the wedding, the Russian bride’s parents hide her somewhere, and the groom has to look for her. He must scale the hurdles the bridesmaids will place in his way before finding his bride. And if he can’t cross any obstacle, he has to pay with money, chocolates, flowers, precious jewelry, etc.

Marriage in a Registry

For a marriage to be considered legal, couples must follow the due process of registration in the Zapis Aktov Grazhdanskogo Sostoyaniya (ZAGS) office. So, while the parties are the exciting parts of the weddings, those tying the knot still have to make the union legal. Once the couple signs the marriage papers in a registry office, they can go off to have fun with their friends and family.

The Сrowning Сeremony

In the Russian tradition, weddings are part of the sacraments in the church; they are significant and ritualistic. In an event known as the crowning ceremony, the couple stands on a rose-colored cloth while a priest places crowns on their heads. Orthodox Russians believe that placing crowns on the couple’s heads is better than exchanging wedding rings.

Anybody can arrange this ceremony, including family members or friends. Unlike in India, where the couple follows a priest round the holy fire seven times, in Russia, the couple follows the priest round a podium thrice. Previously, the couple could wear the crown for eight days after the ceremony, but nowadays, the priest takes off the crown after announcing the union.

Games and Fun

After the ceremonies mentioned above, the games and fun will begin. One of the popular games at Russian weddings is the smashing game, where the couples’ parents offer them crystal glasses to smash to test their strength. The goal is to ensure that the glass shatters into several shards, with each piece symbolizing a year of marital bliss for the couple. There are also lots of food and drinks to go around, and occasionally, the couple competes in games like putting diapers on a doll, sending guests on a quest, etc.

Russian Women Characteristics

From beauty to intelligence, Russian women are the real deal. Even though women from other areas can be considered fair and proper, Russian women have an extraordinary and charismatic aura that you cannot ignore.

Russian women always look good

A Russian woman will look amazing even when going on a quick run. Whether it’s a slight detour to a nearby lake, stopping at a friend’s house, going out with you, etc., a typical Russian woman will ensure that she looks neat and beautiful. These Russian brides take extra care of their appearances and always dress well for any occasion.

They love without ulterior motives

There is a stereotype about Russian mail-order brides that paints them as gold-diggers, which is untrue. Russian women love their men, not because of social standards. They don’t jump into relationships and marriage; instead, they are calculative and stick with men they love when building a home.

Russian women can fend for themselves

You will be amazed at how well Russian girls can care for themselves. These women are used to handling jerks, being financially independent, and living on their terms, thanks to the society they live in.  They are bold, accessible, and respect boundaries, so you should be polite and observant when interacting with them.

They are decisive and confident

When seeking Russian brides for marriage, try to be more confident in your approach. Russian women are loving but also protective and decisive, and they can tell if you have those characteristics. They believe that these traits go a long way in determining the quality of life with their partners, so many Russian women are looking for men they think will match their confidence levels.

Facts About Russian Women

Unless you are an avid traveler or a tourist in Russia, you are unlikely to appreciate Russian women in all their glory. So before you decide to find a Russian bride, knowing a few facts about them will prove beneficial. And you will learn all you need to know about these extraordinary ladies by the end of this section.

The legal marriage age

Before you marry beautiful brides from Russia, the woman needs to be at least 18 years of age. In rare circumstances, a girl may marry at 16, but the girl’s guardians must consent to the marriage since she does not have the legal right to do so. So if you don’t adhere to these laws when looking for a Russian bride, you risk attracting legal repercussions.

Property ownership

When you marry Russian ladies, property ownership becomes collective. Unless stated otherwise in a legal document, all property acquired after your union will belong to both of you. But don’t worry about losing your house after divorce, as Russian women are submissive, which reduces your risk of facing such issues later on.

Surnames and name-taking after marriage

Brides from Russia have no problem taking their husbands’ surname after marriage. Just as a woman can pick up a man’s surname after marriage, the man can also pick up the woman’s surname after the wedding. When the woman picks the man’s surname, they find a way to make it feminine with a suffix (a). But no law forces women to take their husbands’ surname after marriage, so some women retain theirs anyway.

Russian women and “babushkas”

There is a saying that Russian women are beautiful until they reach the age of thirty and turn to babushkas. Don’t fret; babushka does not refer to a hag or something heinous. Instead, babushka, meaning Grandmother, is quite symbolic as it defines a Russian lady’s tendency to care for her family’s affairs, promote happiness, and bring peace to her home.

Blonde Russian Girl

What Makes a Russian Woman the Best Wife?

Russian mail order brides are fabulous in their unique ways. Little wonder why Western men are head over heels for them. But what exactly makes these ladies the ideal wives for men worldwide?

Russian women are welcoming

A Russian mail-order bride can make anybody feel welcomed in their home, even if they don’t know them. Fortunately, many of them understand common languages like English, which helps them interact with foreigners better. So if you are interested in Russian women for marriage, you don’t even have to bother about understanding the Russian language before reaching out to them.

They are homely

Mail-order brides from Russia are an inspiration to men who come across them. Thanks to their value, their men understand that having a Russian woman by your side is priceless. They cook, clean, support their men, and keep everything orderly at home. Since beautiful Russian brides have exotic tastes, they can transform your home into a work of art.

Russian wives can multitask

When you marry Russian mail order wives, you will realize that they can handle many tasks at once without losing efficiency. They can take care of the children, excel at their jobs, and still have time for their men. With such efficient time management skills, they can juggle several responsibilities and ensure the smooth running of their home.

Where to Meet Russian Mail Order Brides?

After learning about the perks of marrying Russian brides, there is every guarantee that you already want to meet some Russian brides as soon as possible. But before getting a Russian mail order bride, you need to know where to find her. If you live outside Russia or Europe, your best bet for finding a Russian girl is to use online dating sites and apps.


BravoDate is ideal for meeting Russian mail-order brides because it has the classic online dating interface, appealing to people who are new to online dating. There are also bonuses the site gives to new members to enjoy premium benefits like watching videos and live video shows. And if you are okay with their services, you can buy credits to keep interacting with mail-order brides.


Whether you need to find a Russian wife or are looking for a fling, UkraineBride4you has the features you need. And even though the site’s name looks like the girls are just from Ukraine, it is not the case. All women from Belarus, Russian, Eastern Europe, etc., patronize the dating site because of its reliable communication tools.


You can find a Russian bride on KissRussianBeauty, an online dating site that allows you to see and talk with beautiful Russian women in real-time. You get to engage with them via video chats, call these women and even send them gifts. Foreign users can hook up and marry Russian beauties if they know how to hold a lady’s attention through online conversations. So if you think you have what it takes, based on the information in this article, feel free to sign up on KissRussianBeauty and find a Russian wife today.

Beautiful Russian Girl

Why Do Foreign Men Want To Date Or Marry Brides From Russia?

The beauty of Russian women is not just hearsay; these women do not even consider good looks and alluring physiques a big deal because they have those traits in abundance. Furthermore, Russian brides have a confident aura that attracts local and foreign men.

Foreign men understand that mail order brides from Russia are loving and intelligent. They are versatile and can manage conversations and social situations without boring you out. So if you are looking for Russian brides for marriage, you should expect more than just pretty faces; they have the brain to complement their beauty. Education and self-development are mantras of typical Russian girls, making them more irresistible.


Russian mail order brides are ideal partners for men looking to marry overseas, and they are eager to meet foreign men. But their openness to interactions doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in the effort to win them over. So if you are looking for a Russian bride, understanding their characteristics, traditions and values will give you a head start in the online dating pool.

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