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Marrying Beautiful Cambodian Brides: All You Need to Know

Cambodia is a tropical paradise stuffed with ancient temples, thriving forests, and warm beaches. But also, it’s a country of some of the hottest Asian girls. If you can’t resist dating cute girls, you’re in the right place. This time, you will learn how and where to date beautiful Cambodian women.

Marrying Beautiful Cambodian Brides: All You Need to Know
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Advertiser Disclosure

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💍 Average Age of Marriage for Cambodian Women20.5
💵 Average Cost of Cambodian Bride$1,200 – $4,500
🏆 Success Rate88

Cambodian Brides: Who Are They?

Cambodian mail order brides or just brides are women who aim to date and subsequently marry guys overseas. These women usually search for guys on dating sites.

Why don’t Cambodian brides stay with men of their nation instead? Most of them search for partners abroad for two reasons.


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Cambodian Men Are Out of Competition

It’s time to put yourself in Cambodian women’s shoes for a moment. Would you choose to live in poverty for the rest of your life with a guy who beats you because you don’t bow to him? Unfortunately, many Cambodian women endure extreme poverty and unreasonably inhumane treatment.

Consequently, pretty much any guy from the Western world will seem a better alternative in Cambodian girls’ eyes.

So once you decide to date these ladies online or offline, you will find a match pretty quickly due to barely existing competition.

Amazing Cambodian Bride

Mail Order Cambodian Brides Seek Better Opportunities

Most women in Cambodia have simple dreams – stay with a person they love, have something tasty to eat, and something pretty to wear.

For you, Cambodia is a country of beautiful temples and breathtaking landscapes. But for the locals, life is tough as they earn no more than $1,500 per YEAR.

It’s natural for some Cambodian women to become mail-order brides and try a fortune with guys overseas as they expect to live in better conditions and with men who love them sincerely.

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Characteristics of Beautiful Cambodian Wives

Fascinatingly Hot

Overall, Cambodian women meet the strictest beauty standards – they have full breasts, oval and V-shaped faces, and slim figures. If you appreciate Asian aesthetics, you will find Cambodian women super-hot and cute at the same time as they have small noses, sensual full lips, and often cute dimples.

But most importantly, only 2.8% of women in Cambodia are obese, and only 15.2% are overweight. For comparison, fifteen times more women are obese in the United States (41.8%).

So once you meet a Cambodian wife, you can finally relax if you have ever worried about your wife putting on an unhealthy amount of weight. Cambonian girls keep themselves in good shape all the time.

Obedient and Patient

Cambodian culture implies that women should obey men regardless. Patience is the most precious female quality, and most local girls believe they should keep silent and do what they’re told to. If a woman disobeys, her man becomes furious, and she’s to brace herself.

You may not believe this is true because it sounds crazy. But you will notice sincere excitement in your Cambodian girl’s eyes when she finally realizes she doesn’t need to think twice before she says a word.

Due to such an enormous cultural gap, all you need to do is be polite and take care of your Cambodian mail order bride. Do so, and she will be all yours.

Some Facts About Cambodian Women

Cambodians Speak a Little English, but Young Cambodian Brides do That Better

In Cambodia, most people speak a little English. Thus, Cambodia ranks 84th of 100 countries in the region regarding English proficiency.

So you will better grab a dictionary while packing bags for this country since most girls in the street will barely understand you. But the silver lining is that you can still find girls who speak English on an acceptable level or even fluently. For this, you can address dating sites with Cambodian mail order brides.

These women learn English specifically to survive the dating competition and marry guys overseas. So you can overcome the language barrier if you start an online relationship with a mail order bride.

Or, you can send your Cambodian bride for English courses. It will help you establish trust much faster because you will show her that you’re serious about your relationship.

Cute cambodian bride

Cambodian Women Value Family Above All

Cambodian girls live in close-knit families and dream of establishing their own families from an early age. In fact, many girls from rural areas marry at the age of 17-18.

It may sound weird to a Western person, but these girls and women don’t mind doing so. Some of them can’t wait to try on the wedding dress. From a very young age, these women believe that family is above all.

Marrying a Cambodian Woman: Popular Wedding Traditions Explained

Cambodian marriage is a union of families. Some Cambodians still practice arranged marriages where matchmakers or parents pick up spouses for their children.

But in big cities, people embrace Western lifestyles and usually marry the loved ones they have been dating for a long time. But there are plenty of wedding aspects common for Cambodians of all origins and beliefs. We will describe them below.

Cambodians Invite as Many People as Possible

Cambodians are super social, and personal space doesn’t mean a lot to them. They befriend each other easily and often celebrate holidays within large communities. Weddings are no exception.

That’s why Cambodians invite as many people to their weddings as they can accommodate and do their best to make the ceremony impressively luxurious. Families usually invite 20-30 guests and turn their weddings into feats with groaning boards and people singing, dancing, and enjoying interactive events.

Traditional Weddings Last for Three Days

While US weddings usually take several hours, Cambodian ones may last for three days. But some families may celebrate their union for four or even five days.

The Dowry Comes First, But It’s Not What You Might Expect

While thinking of the dowry, you might expect Cambodian women for marriage to bring this money to their future husbands. But Cambodian traditions dictate that dowry is the groom’s responsibility.

This is the first part of the Cambodian wedding celebration. The groom’s family gathers and visits the bride, presenting gifts and money.

Bride and Groom Change Their Outfits for Up to Five Times

Traditionally, the couple that marries wears different outfits for different parts of the wedding ceremony. As a rule, the happy couple puts on the most elaborated, decorated, and expensive outfits at the ring exchange.

Hair Cutting Event

The hair cutting ceremony is a symbol of releasing the Cambodian bride and the groom from their past and helping them make a new start as a family. Both families, as well as guests, will “cut” your hair symbolically and spray perfumes on you.

What Makes a Cambodian Woman the Best Wife?

Unconditional Love and Support

You wouldn’t want to meet a woman who loves you for something specific. Let it be an ambitious spirit and tons of money in your bank account. Once you catch a severe depression, she will leave you behind because “you’re no longer the man she once fell in love with.”

Cambodian girls are the opposite. Most women in this country are used to hardships and making ends meet. Many ladies realize that their country is not the place for a prosperous future. Often, love and support remain the only things that matter in their lives, so they grip their husbands like crazy and share their fates whatever happens.

So if you search for a woman who will love you unconditionally and support you at tough times, the chances are you will find one in Cambodia quickly.

Cambodian Wives Share Their Husbands’ Beliefs

Many Cambodian mail order brides embrace Western culture and Western beliefs in particular. They understand that they shouldn’t dictate their norms to prospective husbands because they will be the ones to relocate and assimilate.

It means that your Cambodian wife will share many of your beliefs, even if some of them may seem weird to her due to cultural differences. These girls will also find the middle ground because they can love in all sincerity.

Your Wife Will Work Hard

The International Labor Organization reports that 77% of Cambodian women had a job in 2019, before these uncertain times.

These hard working women will do their best no matter what. They don’t search for sugar daddies to spam Instagram with luxurious beach pics round the clock. Instead, these girls seek someone to establish a family and contribute to its wellbeing.

Even if you don’t want your woman to work her fingers to the bone, she will do her best to make your home shine.

How to Get a Cambodian Wife?

Cambodian ladies are super traditional and usually expect their boyfriends to act accordingly:

Make the First Move

In the world of submissive women, men always take initiative. By doing so, you will meet Cambodian women several times faster. Many of them sit tight and wait for the princes to pick them up. So, use these simple rules to win their hearts:

  • Hit the message to your lady first – don’t wait for her to text you.
  • Ask your lady out.
  • Show interest in her and ask questions, even if she doesn’t express the same level of engagement. She might be just shy.

Pay for Dates

In Cambodia, dating etiquette requires a man to pay for the date even if the woman asks him out. Splitting the bill is uncommon. So you have to pay for the restaurant check.

In this way, you will show your woman that you can take care of her financially and provide for your future family. This feature reflects economic struggles that have been historically chasing Cambodians.

Take Care

Respect, love, and support are the pillars of your relationship. But you should also add courtesy while dealing with a mail order Cambodian bride. These women don’t mind being weak and practically incapable of existing without leaning on a robust male shoulder. So you can wake up your inner sexist and do the following:

  • Help your woman stand up.
  • Pull a chair for her.
  • Open the door for her.
  • Take her home.

No Public Display of Affection

Cambodians don’t kiss, hug, or even hold hands in public places. They believe that couples should enjoy these loving gestures in much more intimate settings.

Beauty of Cambodian Bride

Where to Meet Cambodian Mail Order Brides?

Picking up single Cambodian women in the street is like catching birds with your bare hands. It’s unproductive because these women are not approachable in public – they will reject 99% of your pick-up lines.

The good news is that you can meet the Cambodian wife of your dreams online without going to Cambodia. You’re welcome to both international and niche dating sites and matchmaking agencies. The latter offers comprehensive services for men looking for Cambodian wife specifically.

Why Do Foreign Men Want to Date or Marry Brides from Cambodia?

Guys are looking for Cambodian wife for several reasons we discussed above, so let’s summarize them:

  • Cambodian girls are beautiful and exotic – dating one is an experience you have never enjoyed before.
  • Cambodia is a cheap tourist destination – it’s easy to hunt sexy girls there due to the low cost of living.
  • Traditional women are much more stress-resilient, undemanding, obedient, and loyal. They combine qualities most Western men can’t find in Western women.
  • Lastly, Cambodian women have become so attractive because they strive to date foreign guys.

Final Thoughts

Dating a Cambodian single woman makes sense if you aim to marry a traditional, mild-tempered bride who will share your beliefs and love you till death do you part.

The best thing about these girls is that the lavish Western lifestyle hasn’t spoiled their souls. As a result, these women are much more grateful for what they have and do their best to keep the family thriving. So, make the first step toward the woman of your dreams – sign up on a dating site and start searching for Cambodian girls.

Find your bride

Leap, 22

Leap, 22

Location: Sisophon, Cambodia

Occupation: Babysitter

Children: No

About me: Currently, I’m not looking for a long-term relationship, I’d rather meet a guy for friendship and mutual support. My hobbies are playing board games, watching Netflix, cooking, and riding a bike. Are you ready for some fun? Let’s chat.

See full profile
Anchali, 23

Anchali, 23

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Occupation: Seamstress

Children: No

About me: I’m looking for a man who can protect me from everything evil in this life and create an atmosphere of love and safety in our home. I’m ready to give all my heart to such a man.

See full profile
Chann, 25

Chann, 25

Location: Banlung, Cambodia

Occupation: Cook

Children: No

About me: I aim for serious relationships only and I’m not interested in fast hookups. You can contact me if you are looking for a reliable, kind, and smiley girl to spend your life with. My hobbies are jogging and dancing.

See full profile
Nuon, 24

Nuon, 24

Location: Samraong, Cambodia

Occupation: HR manager

Children: No

About me: I’m working remotely for an outsourcing start-up, so I have a lot of time for dating. Text me if you’d like to have an optimistic and enthusiastic girlfriend who cooks like a pro.

See full profile
Kiri, 30

Kiri, 30

Location: Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia

Occupation: Real Estate Agent

Children: Yes

About me: My life is quite busy, yet I can find time for relationships with a smart and loyal man. I'm a funny, easy-going, and talkative girl who loves going to amusement parks and eating cotton candy.

See full profile
Phirun, 30

Phirun, 30

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Occupation: Medical Clinic Receptionist

Children: No

About me: My goal on this online dating site is to find a man for common living and marriage. I want to have three kids soon also and spend my life caring about them.

See full profile
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