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French Brides: Learn More About These Stylish Girls

France is located in Western Europe, between Belgium and Spain, southeast of the UK. The country is home to over 65 million people, and its population continues to grow. France is a beautiful country with a rich historical heritage and a distinctive culture. The birthplace of the famous French kiss has a reputation of a country where passionate and romantic people live. French has been recognized as the language of love. Therefore, for many men from other countries, France is a tempting place to find brides who are distinguished by sensuality, gracefulness, and romanticism.

French Brides: Learn More About These Stylish Girls
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French Brides: Who Are They?

When describing the appearance of French women, it is impossible to generalize all of them, since they are very different. However, what all French brides have in common is that they are feminine and sexually attractive. They are known for their natural and sophisticated beauty at the same time. French women are guided by the rule that health and wellness are just as important as good looks. Women living in France strive to enjoy life and get the most out of it.


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For French girls, their beauty is a means of self-expression and self-confidence. French brides are stylish and beautiful women who, due to their healthy diets and beauty treatments, remain attractive at any age. Moreover, unlike many girls from other countries, French brides know the secrets of romantic relationships. Thus, if you are a romantic at heart, you should consider finding a bride from France. Such a woman can give rise to your new life.

cute french bride

French Wedding Traditions

French wedding traditions are refined and full of symbolism. The French do not consider the day of marriage to be a holiday of only two people getting married. First of all, this is the day when the bride’s and groom’s families become united. Marrying a French woman means accepting all her relatives. Therefore, a lot of moments of celebration are associated precisely with family values. Typically, the French marriage begins with an official ceremony at the city hall.

The city mayor conducts this ceremony, and everyone can be present at it. Particular attention in French wedding traditions is focused on the solemn appearance of the bride and groom. Ordinarily, the groom appears accompanied by his mother. Children follow them and scatter flower petals. After that, the bride appears arm in arm with her father. Musicians and other participants of the procession follow them.

In front of the church, children pull ribbons on the bride’s way, symbolizing life’s obstacles and she has to cut them, thereby showing her readiness to overcome all possible difficulties in family life. At the wedding, the bride should waltz with her father, who has to give way to the groom. Another wedding ceremony in France is pronouncing vows by the bride and the groom. The newlyweds sit on special red velvet chairs and make oaths to each other.

At any wedding celebration, a pyramid of glasses is built. These glasses are filled with sparkling wine. This is one of the most famous customs of France, known in the whole world. Weddings in France also have ancient culinary traditions. A dessert “croquembouche” made of pastry and caramel is served in the form of a cone. Another traditional dish is the legendary onion soup, which is served to guests in the morning. Also, every guest is presented with five glazed almonds. This gift symbolizes that not only material goods should be valued.

French Women Characteristics

It can be challenging to identify features that are typical only for French brides. Some foreign men point to their charm, elegance, and refinement. Other men are impressed by a truly French lifestyle that is usually called “savoir vivre”. Undoubtedly, French women for marriage are springtime for romantic men. Not only Parisian women have a romantic nature, but also girls from other cities in France. Foreigners who are willing to date French brides should be aware of other characteristics inherent to these ladies.


French brides are known for their natural beauty, and their stunning appearance often causes envy of other European women. French girls believe that being beautiful is part of their female duty. Their beauty is not only the result of gene mixing. French women work hard to highlight their beauty. They have great taste in clothes and try to wear fashionable outfits, especially when dating men. They know how to make men proud to have such women by their side.


French brides for marriage are charming, sensual, and romantic. But this does not mean they do not care about anything else apart from their beautiful appearance. From childhood, they learn good manners and know how to behave in public. French brides are very sociable and friendly. They love to joke and laugh. The French language allows them to discuss the most subtle nuances of events or plans. Generally, they are distinguished by a positive attitude towards life. For them, living means enjoying life.


French women strive to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Their vigor allows them to keep up with the house and make a career at work. French brides are enthusiastic about sports. When in France, you can often see women jogging in the morning. When a family is being formed, morning jogging can become a common hobby for spouses. Even with the birth of children, this tradition might not become a low priority for these women. Also, healthy French cuisine with a lot of fresh vegetables helps these women keep fit.

Facts About French Women

What most men imagine when they think about French women is their mystery and hidden sexuality. This is true. However, foreigners have many clichés and stereotypes about French brides. Even though French women are a frequent topic of discussion on various TV shows, few foreigners can boast of knowing much about them. Below are five important facts you should know about French brides if you are going to meet some of them.


You must have heard that the French greet each other with kisses on the cheeks. French brides greet both men and women alike, whether they know the person or not. Also, the number of kisses varies by region, and this can be confusing for foreigners. Habits differ slightly depending on the region you are in. It is known that the further south the region where these women live, the more often they kiss. Therefore, if in Paris it is customary to kiss twice, then in Provence five kisses may be the norm.


These elegant, well-groomed, and stylish women are distinguished primarily by healthy selfishness. You can talk a lot about the fact that French brides are pure feminists, and argue whether this is right or not. However, women in France are very independent. It is a norm for them to pay the bill at the restaurant and not sacrifice themselves and their careers for their families. The French are afraid of any manifestation of sexism and believe that everyone has equal rights.

exotic french woman

Comfort and Practicality

The style of French women is legendary. Usually, foreigners have a typical image of an elegant woman dressed according to the latest fashion. However, in real life, French girls often choose what is convenient and practical. Somebody said that the French charm is comfort combined with a little nonchalance. Plus, French women are pretty thrifty. They do not like to spend a lot on clothes from new collections, preferring to buy some things in sales shops.


Indeed, French girls rarely smile. They do not like to smile at strangers. It is just part of their mysterious, charming, and enigmatic nature. These women know their self-worth and do not want to pretend. The life credo of French women is to always feel natural. Hence, if a French girl often smiles at your presence, this means that she feels fine with you and you have already become close people. Be sure that her smile is sincere.

They Speak English

Thanks to a good educational system, French girls do speak English, although they do not like to communicate in languages other than their usual and beautifully sounding French language. The fact is that France and England were constantly at enmity. The British have been occupying the northern lands of France for more than 500 years. Therefore, the French do not like the British much. Besides, French brides typically speak English with an elegant and distinctive accent.

What Makes a French Woman the Best Wife?

Single French women take marriage and family very seriously. For them, marriage is an ongoing commitment, so these women devote themselves completely to their husbands and children. A man who is fortunate enough to meet a French girl and marry her can be surprised at how far she can go to create a happy family. French women can do all the housework, cook well, and raise children tirelessly. As mothers, French women believe that children always need love and attention.

Like other Europeans, French women prefer to have small families so they can give enough attention to each child. However, French wives do not take all the care of doing housework and raising children. Husbands have to be involved in family affairs as much as their wives. At the same time, in French families, spouses do not adhere to traditional views when husbands have to earn money, and their wives should be at home and stick to doing chores.

In France, men do not necessarily bear all responsibility for the material support of their families. Most French women continue to work after they get married because self-realization is very important for them. The principle of equality in this European country means that men and women should earn and do household chores on a par. However, the head of the French family is still the husband. He should be an authority and every family member should obey him.

Where to Meet French Mail Order Brides?

Every single man, no matter what country he lives in, can come to France. For many years, this country has been a leader in the number of foreign visitors. If you come to France, you will have an opportunity to meet French women and, possibly, find a French wife. However, these women may not be free at that moment or simply not ready for starting relationships with a foreigner. Fortunately, those French girls who are looking for meeting foreigners can be found on international online dating websites.

Online dating is becoming more and more popular nowadays. You can find amazing people online, chat with them, and then decide to meet in person. Online dating allows meeting French women and saving time, effort, and money. Thus, many French women use online dating services to find the perfect men for friendship and love. If you want to connect with charming French mail order brides, you can do it on specialized French dating sites.

sports french girl

Why Do Foreign Men Want To Date Or Marry Brides From France?

Many French brides do not mind meeting guys from other countries with the purpose of starting a family. Because of the similarity of mentality, it will not be difficult for a Western man to communicate with a French mail order bride. One of the most common reasons why French brides love foreign men is a personal preference. Some French women looking for marriage may be obsessed with American, Spanish, or Dutch gentlemen for personal reasons. The thirst for a new experience can be another reason why beautiful French girls are looking for men from other countries.


Now you know that meeting a French girl for marriage is a feasible task. Impressing a French woman is not a challenging matter, especially if you had previous experience of communicating with Western European women. Many French mail order brides dream of meeting handsome, energetic, self-confident, and, most importantly, positive-minded men. When you meet your love in France, you will feel like a truly happy man, as a French bride can give you more than you might expect.

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