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The Best Countries That Love American Men: Find Your Ideal Date

If you’re not completely happy with dating American girls, perhaps it’s time to expand your dating efforts beyond the border. Nowadays, American guys are valued and loved in many countries, and you might need to discover the top countries that love American men. Follow this guide to learn more about these countries.

The Best Countries That Love American Men: Find Your Ideal Date
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Advertiser Disclosure

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Top 15 Countries That Love American Guys

On international dating sites, you’ll get a chance to meet a wide array of nations that love American guys. Males from the US are really popular in many countries. Slavic women, such as Russian women, and, for example, European singles, such as French women, are keen on dating them. But what about the top countries that love American men? Let’s reveal the top 15 countries where American guys are popular.


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Kyiv, Odessa, Lviv



Ukrainian women

✈The Philippines


Manila, Quezon City, Makati

Filipino, English


Filipino women



Mexico City, Guadalajara, Cancún



Mexican women



Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai



Chinese women



Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai



Thai women



Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka



Japanese women



Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan



Polish women



Caracas, Maracaibo, Valencia



Venezuelan women



Hanoi, Sa Pa, Ninh Binh



Vietnamese women



Seoul, Busan, Incheon



Korean women



Brasília, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro



Brazilian women



Bogota, Medellin, Cali



Colombian women

✈The Czech Republic


Prague, Brno, Plzeň



Czech women

✈Baltic Countries


Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn

Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian


Baltic women

✈Nordic Countries


Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo

Finnish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Danish, Swedish


Nordic women

1. Ukraine

Ukrainian women are rightfully regarded as foreign women who are keen on dating American men. In a country where the number of females is relatively high, it’s not surprising that Ukrainian girls are interested in dating foreigners. What’s more, they’re seeking a chance for a better life outside their countries.


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Getting a chance to date and marry an American man is also about ensuring a better future for a Ukrainian woman and her kids. Ukrainian ladies consider dating American guys because American men are kind, more polite, and more open-minded than local guys.

2. The Philippines

American men tend to marry foreign ladies more and more, and guess who is seen as the most popular life partner candidate? Filipino ladies! These foreign ladies are keen on meeting, dating, and tying knots with Americans. One of the main reasons why they want to find an American life partner is to get an opportunity to live in the US.

Moreover, most Filipino girls look forward to building families, given their family-oriented nature. So, when thinking of countries that love American guys, this country is the first to think of.

3. Mexico

Mexican women are often considered the best foreign women for American singles. Traditional, charming, and passionate Mexicans seek the attention of American men for various reasons, and one of them is a chance to move to the US and have a better future for their families. Moving to the US is quite common in Mexico.

What’s more, dating foreigners is thought to be something cool among younger Mexican ladies. In other words, if you’re looking for a country that adores dating Americans, Mexico is among the first countries you should consider.

4. China

What countries love American guys? When thinking of such places, it’s common to look through Asia, and China is one of these countries. Chinese women are keen on dating them because they want to live in a country with a higher quality of life. This is about economic and social conditions. What’s more, they believe that American males are more considerate.

Living in freedom and being treated properly motivate these ladies to seek the attention of American men. You can find them on the top international dating sites, or why not visit China? A land full of great spots worth visiting and meeting local girls.

5. Thailand

Thai women are also keen on dating American guys. First of all, Thai girls are drawn to these boys. These women believe that American men look much better than their local counterparts. Besides, for a foreign woman from Thailand, dating and getting married to an American guy is a chance to get rid of her problems in her country.

Moving to the US will ensure that she’ll have better life conditions. So, don’t get surprised by the fact that Thai ladies rush to meet and date American singles. Believe it or not, they make great life partners, not to mention they’re charming and slim.

6. Japan

Japan is quite a different country. It’s not one of the places where ladies strive to meet Americans and leave their countries for a better life. Japanese women are pretty smart, independent, and careful. They don’t rush to date you just because you’re an American man.

Still, they give preference to American singles because they admire American culture, modern values, and pop culture. Besides, Japanese ladies are interested in American men just because they’re not content with their local men. Charming Japanese girls consider Americans better partners, as they treat their ladies better, more politely, and more considerate.

7. Poland

Poland is also among the countries that love American guys. Interestingly, Polish women love dating American singles because they believe they have much in common with American and British women regarding their mentality. What’s more, Polish girls are into American guys because they consider them better partners than local guys in Poland.

What’s more, for a Polish woman, it’s just a fun experience to start dating someone from the US. You should also note that she’s not interested in getting US citizenship, as most Polish girls are quite patriotic ladies. So, why not try your luck with them?

8. Venezuela

There are many girls from Latin American countries that love Americans, and Venezuela is just one of them. These beautiful women are interested in US men for various reasons. The first one is searching for a better place with better economic conditions.

Secondly, Venezuelan ladies are also interested in more well-to-do guys who can take care of their ladies and families. Finally, they love how caring and understanding American men are. For them, dating an American guy is an opportunity for radical changes. They can easily be found on the top dating platforms.

9. Vietnam

Each year, hundreds of ladies from Vietnam move to the US with a K-1 visa and get married to American guys. Like in the case of single Thai women, Vietnamese girls want to get a better life, not to mention that the US is a country of freedom.

Vietnamese ladies don’t rush to tie knots with locals, as they know that their marriage lives won’t live up to their expectations. So, meeting and dating an American man is a great opportunity. Besides, they make great life partners for American singles.

10. South Korea

There are many reasons why people love South Korea. This country is renowned for K-pop, delicious food, ancient temples, and incredible festivals. Asian girls from this country are quiet, humble, and cute. Like many Asian ladies in other countries, they are also interested in dating single men from the USA.

One of the main reasons why they seek the attention of American guys is that they are believed to be kind, considerate, and romantic. What’s more, Korean women are quite ambitious and career-oriented, and finding a partner from the US is a chance to enhance their careers in a more developed country.

11. Brazil

What comes to your mind when thinking of Brazilian women? They’re emotional, committed, and passionate. Their feminine nature, alongside charming looks, makes them ideal for dating. The good news is that they love American guys. But why do they love American singles?

First of all, Brazilian ladies seek better partners. They don’t like dating single men who are aggressive or rude. Instead of dating local men, they prefer dating Americans. Secondly, they don’t like dominating men. American men are more egalitarian in relationships. Finally, it’s about the commitment and loyalty that they seek in American men. Simply put, American singles are ideal partners for Brazilian girls.

12. Colombia

Have you heard and seen ladies like Carmen Villalobos, Jessica Cediel, La Segura, and Daniela Ospina? They are all from Colombia, a land of the sexiest women. But do these sexy girls love dating American singles? No doubt they are eager to meet and date them. The main reason behind such popularity is the fact that these ladies are tired of the patriarchal machismo.

Nowadays, Colombian women seek partners who are more polite, considerate, interesting, and liberal. Such a combination of features can be found in American guys. Moreover, most of them are interested in moving to the US and creating an ideal family.

13. The Czech Republic

Czech women are quite liberal, pragmatic, and intelligent. They are keen on exploring new things and overcoming challenges. They’re open to new opportunities. When it comes to dating American men, they’re keen on dating them because it’s something incredible. A desire for new experiences is among the main reasons behind their love to Americans.

What’s more, Czech women are interested in partners who are not obsessed with traditional values. They prefer modern partners. This is where dating American guys are seen as better candidates for dating. You can meet these charming women on the top European dating websites.


14. Baltic Countries

Baltic countries like Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are among the most modern countries, and the same can be said about Baltic women. They’re not quite traditional like their counterparts in Asian countries. Instead, they’re more liberal, modern, and career-oriented. They tend to get married later than women from other countries.

Still, dating American guys is considered an advantage. They believe that it’s easy to find their soulmates in the US. Moreover, they consider American men better and more considerate life partners. Why not search for Baltic women for an incredible dating experience?

15. Nordic Countries

Ladies from Sweden, Norway, and Finland are renowned for being transparent, respectful, and calm. They don’t like being rude, and most of them seek agreement and a balanced compromise. But why do they love dating American guys?

First of all, they love exploring new things, cultures, and languages. Most of them are keen on American culture, not to mention they speak English fluently. What’s more, they don’t love relationships that are too emotional, and thus, dating American men is a pragmatic way of creating bonds.

Why Do Foreign Women Seek American Men?

Since you already know the countries that love American men, why not summarize why these guys are so popular? Here are 3 main reasons to know about this:

  • Economic reasons. The USA is the most developed country in terms of economy; thus, many ladies strive to find a better life there.
  • Better life partners. For many foreign women, American guys are regarded as more considerate, polite, kind, and liberal.
  • A perfect dating experience. A chance to feel and experience new feelings is another motivation for foreign women to seek the attention of single men from the US.

It can be said that American men are in the spotlight in many countries, and lots of women are looking forward to finding partners from the US.

Best Foreign Women For American Men

There are countries where women are quite crazy about dating American men. Let’s reveal these countries.

Ukrainian And Other Slavic Women

Dating Ukrainian women and ladies from other Slavic countries can be an incredible experience for American guys. Here are 5 reasons why they’re ideal for American singles:

  • Relationships that are based on trust and respect. Slavic women are renowned for valuing romance in relationships, but they value trust and respect more than anything else. 
  • Commitment and devotion. Slavic girls won’t rush to trust anyone. Once you gain the sympathy and trust of a Slavic woman, she’ll be completely committed and devoted to you. She’ll idolize and love you, which is a cool experience.
  • Traditional values. Unlike many European women, most Slavic women won’t demand equality between men and women. They approach gender roles with more traditional values, where a man is a head of a family. Thus, they’re not quite feministic.
  • Obsession with their appearances. Almost everyone knows that Slavic and Ukrainian ladies are among the most charming singles, but you should know that they do their best to look better.
  • Ladies of spontaneity. Slavic girls are not so punctual, too disciplined, or pragmatic. They are known for being spontaneous, and thus, they’re never boring to date. In relationships, they prefer being emotional and natural rather than being rational.

Overall, ladies from Slavic countries are ideal partners for American guys.  

Thai And Filipino Women

In general, these women are ideal for marriage and family building. You should know that most of these Asian girls come from traditional backgrounds, explaining why they’re more family-oriented than ladies in Europe.

Secondly, they don’t like dating casually. When looking for the right partner, they’ll always consider a chance for marriage. If you’re into casual flings, they won’t be ideal for you. Thai and Filipino women are also renowned for their submissive nature. Such a mindset is injected into their minds throughout their childhood.

Finally, they are far from Western values. You won’t be bothered by equality in gender roles, feminist values, demanding privacy, and the like. So, if you plan to have a kind, caring, and loving wife, consider women from Thailand and the Philippines. 

Mexican And Brazilian Women

Ladies from Mexico and Brazil are valued for their inner and outer worlds. They’re gorgeous, kind, and caring partners. But there’s more you should know about them. Americans value them for the following features:

  • Passionate nature. Latin women are renowned for being emotionally expressive, and this is also reflected in bed. Their passion is quite an appealing feature.
  • Affectionate ladies. Being valued and loved is what many American men long for. With them, you’ll get a chance to feel what it means to be loved. 
  • Straightforward partners. No lies, no roundabouts. Forget about reading between the lines. They’ll be open and clear with you for sure.
  • Loyalty. For Mexicans and Brazilian women, there’s nothing more important than commitment. When they love you, they’ll focus only on you.

If you have a chance to create bonds with these dames, you’ll never forget about it.


There’s no single answer to the question of why foreign ladies love American guys, as every nation is unique and has its own reasons. But all you need to know is that American men are quite popular, so you can easily focus on searching for an ideal partner to date.


What country is most attracted to Americans?

Perhaps, it’s The Philippines that loves American guys most. Of course, you shouldn’t forget countries like Ukraine and Vietnam.

In which European countries do women like American guys?

Mainly, Eastern European countries are quite keen on Americans. What’s more, they are popular among women in countries like Romania, Poland, The Czech Republic, etc.

What do American men look for in a girl?

They look for a woman who can be a good housewife, an interesting person to talk to, a lady ready to experiment, a caring lover, and a woman ready to share responsibility with her partner.

Which Latin women are popular among Americans?

Brazilian and Mexican women are considered popular choices among American men. In addition, Colombian and Venezuelan ladies are also renowned for cherishing an interest in them. 

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